07.12.18 PHP 7.2 forced update… Well that broke the site. Up and running again with somewhat of a new look and hopefully without any further problems.

15.02.2018 Still a lot of projects on the To-Do-Pile! That’s constantly being replaced with new stuff to play around with. Just recently I purchased 4 GameCubes to play around with. Already tested installing a cheap Xeno GC clone in one of them that works great. One of the GameCube purchases already had an Qoob SX installed, it was a minor plus since the idiot who sold me the package didn’t include the controller, power and no AV-Cables. All the games seem to run but are all in terrible shape, the discs were scratched to hell!

21.12.2017 I’ve accumulated a lot of projects and solutions I’d like to share. So from now on I’m going to try and keep up with having them posted instead having them wind up on the To-Do-Pile!