RetroComputerShack No CSYNC RESISTOR!?

There’s no 470 Ohm’s Resistor on the CSYNC Line for proper attenuation in this cable from RetroComputerShack for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive as you can see in the picture of the whole opened Scart head. There’s none under the heat shrink tubing by the capacitor at the Scart Pin 21, Composite Video / CSYNC. I even checked at the 8-Pin Din head, purple wire, no resistor there neither. Measured after the capacitor with a multimeter without any trace of that needed Resistor.

This RetroComputerShack RGB SCART V2.3 cable is one of the cables I received with my Sega “The Beast” Genesis /CD / 32X package. I usually make my own cables so that I know what components are used. Since I got one from RetroGamingCables and one from RetroComputerShack I thought it be easier just to use these. I wanted to check them just for safety, and a good thing I did! The RGC cable checked out. The RCS cable did not. The RCS Cable were missing the 470 Ohm’s Resistor CSYNC and the Capacitors on the RGB Lines. I decided to mail the seller and this is how he responded.

This was the last I heard from him. I sent another mail asking some more but he weren’t interested in giving any more answers.. So I soldered the missing 470 Ohm’s Resistor and 220uF 10V caps and this is the result. You can see the clear bulge under the heat shrink wrapping on the CSYNC line, purple wire.

It’s still a well made cable, not double shielded like the RGC cable, only foil shielded. When used with the “Three-headed-snake” cable specially made for the Holy Trinity of Genesis/CD/32X there is noise in the picture, but not the original SEGA PSU.

Also, I really like the idea that he has opted to exclude the power on PIN 8 (SCART SWITCHING) since it’ll have the TV retain 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9 Widescreen since the Genesis/Mega Drive only outputs +5V at most which isn’t enough for the TV to switch to 4:3 automatically and you need at least 9.5V to have it switch 4:3. The only negative aspect of this is that the TV won’t switch automatically to the Input channel when the console is turned on. I prefer this way since I can change the Inputs via my remote and that I don’t have to re-change the format settings from 16:9 to 4:3 every time.

0–2V = disconnected

5–8V = 16:9

9,5–12V = 4:3

This isn’t a rant or trying to bash the seller, just saying – be careful, check all cables before using them!


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