Scart Distribution Amplifier

This is a long overdue post about testing my Ohmega Model: 7281 – 1×8 Scart Distribution Amplifier. I guess this is the European version of the Shinybow 3720.

As you can see, they’re pretty identical and work the same way with more or less the same specifications. Reading online such as here, although in Swedish. Their tests conclude that it can also be used with component YPbPr signals. Same goes with the Ohmega 7281 which I’ve tested myself, test results will be posted lower on the page.

The box contains the Scart Distro, RGB Scart, manual and a 12v 1000mAh DC adapter.

This is my current setup: Joytech JS965B AV Control Center 2>Scart Distribution Amplifier>XRGB-Mini Framemeister / LCD / B&O MX8000 and then XRGB-Mini Framemeister>Elgato HD60 Pro>LCDTV.

8 Output Scart sockets is quite overkill for my setup, but this has been the best solution for availability and cost-wise. Would’ve been nice if it had 2x Input Scart sockets instead of just 1x. At the moment I’m very happy with this unit. I can’t see any image degradation or any issues with this directly


As for the alternatives listed below, some are reported to be great and some has their pros and cons. If I had the finances I’d buy them all just to test them thoroughly and rate them accordingly.





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