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The Beast has arrived! Well, it actually arrived a month or so ago, I haven’t had the time (being lazy) to write about it yet. Been a really long time since I actually owned a Sega Genesis and I haven’t really had any interest in obtaining anyone soon either. Now that I got the opportunity to get not only the Sega Genesis, but the CD, 32X and a EverDrive X7 for a really good price that I couldn’t resist I had to have it. I’m so glad that I did get it since there’s a lot of good games that I’ve missed out. No original box, instructions or anything like that, and sadly, the Genesis is of the infamous VA7 model with the inferior sound. I’ve now been playing on it for a while and sure the sound is nowhere as good as on a SNES, I’ve been pretty content with it. I decided that I’d get a Sega Genesis Model 1 “High Definitions Graphics” to compare sound and graphics. You can listen and read about it Here!

All the cables that’s needed was supplied for, even the “three-headed-snake” made just for this tripart system. Even though the seller forgot to include it with shipping and had to send it later on, I already had original cables to test it out with. Anyways, as I were to connect everything I decided to check the Scart cables that came with system. The RetroGamingCables RGB Scart checked out but the RetroComputerShack RGB Scart did NOT! Missing the resistor on the CSYNC Line is a BIG no! I contacted the seller and got the answer that I have an old version without the resistor. Thought it could be an good idea for the seller to at least post a warning about that these old versions of his cables are still out there circulating and could potentially harm receiving equipment. Couldn’t find any of such sort warning on his product site. I decided to add the resistor and some caps myself, you can check it out here!

This is how I have the Trio connected whilst using the RGC RGB Scart cable with RCA audio breakout cables, of course using an extension for the red and white audio cables, this is just for demonstration. A 3.5mm audio cable or as Sega calls it, “Audio Mixing Cable” is connected between the Sega Genesis and the Sega CD for utilizing the stereo sound. The same way with the RCS RGB Scart cable, just with 3.5mm to RCA adapter.









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