1Chip-03 SNES Unboxing and Testing

Reading the Serial number from the pictures of this SNES on the auction site gave me a pretty strong indication that this SNES would be a 1CHIP model. Even so, seeing that it was boxed with a “Killer Instinct” edition box made me pretty sure that this is 1CHIP model. Since “Killer Instinct” and “Donkey Kong” SNES bundles where among the last editions with the Phat model to be sold, and from what I’ve been reading they were all 1CHIP models. The easiest way to get a 1CHIP SNES is to get a SNES JR and RGB mod it. Now the question is, which 1CHIP model would it be since there are 3 versions whereas the 1CHIP-03 is said to be the “Holy Grail”.

The serials of the SNES unit and the box does not match up sadly, but they are pretty close. Of course, my pedantic collectors mind is going a bit crazy, still trying to get everything as original as possible is still my goal. Other than that I believe that the most important thing is that it works and has the best possible picture that can be obtained, as close as possible at least! The only way to tell what version of the 1CHIP is by opening the SNES and look at the mainboard. As we can see, It’s the 1CHIP-03 version, nice! So, what are the difference between the 3 versions of the 1CHIP SNES?

From what I gather, unlike the 1CHIP-01 / 02, the 1CHIP-03 needs to have It’s CSYNC components restored since Nintendo cheapened out and didn’t bother to have them added to the circuitry. Then there are quality differences between all the different versions depending on so many different variables, such as component quality, component deterioration over the years, as these factors would be taken in consideration with all the different SNES versions, or consoles for that matter. I’ll be doing some comparisons between the other SNES versions that I currently own, the original of them all theĀ  SHVC-CPU-01, a couple of 1CHIP SNES JR’s and this 1CHIP-03. There are excellent comparisons and in depth detail over the different versions over at RetroRGB.com

The box is is in decent shape, a little worn over the years passing by, nothing unusual. Killer Instinct Game Pak is missing as well as the soundtrack, all the inserts and manual seems to be present. Other than that, the system itself is in mint condition. No yellowing or any marks as far as I can see, overall I’m very happy with this purchase!

Comparison pictures and videos coming soon!

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