PSone NTSC-U unboxing

I was fortunate to find a brand new PSone for a pretty good price on eBay from the states. New, at least what the seller promised, and from what I can see when looking closer, it sure looks damn mint new to me. Anyways, my plan was to buy the first model “SCPH-1001” since it has the reputation of having the best sound quality. Thus the model with Audio and Video out connectors alongside the Multi-Out connector. I wanted one with the original box, new or very good used condition. Couldn’t find anyone in a good price range, story short found this one, even though I’ve never liked the PSone / slim model before I now must admit that I actually prefer the PSone model compared to the old. Sure, no expansion slot, but I’m not really gonna have any use of it since I’ll only be playing original discs on this system. Although  a Playstation with an expansion port would’ve given me the possibility to add an PSIO. Oh well, something my future self will have to deal with, for now I’m just happy to be able to play my NTSC-U collection which most of the games are left to me by dear brother.

The original box seems to be in pretty good shape for all of those years in storage or perhaps circulated between owners.

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