CD32 Unboxing

In these times when people are out to buy an expensive gaming console I guess they’d get something like an Xbox One X, Switch or the PS4. Well most people ain’t me, so I went out on eBay and bought me a Commodore Amiga CD32 for 550€! Complete with the original box and styrofoam, original manual, sadly in German, but everything on the box is luckily in English. So why on earth would anyone really buy an CD32 when it lacks the library of good game titles designed specifically for the system itself like in comparison with the PlayStation. It’s an Amiga 1200 with a CD-ROM that’s why! Pop in an TerribleFire TF328 Expansion which gives you 8MB extra ram, IDE Port, get a complete kit with everything needed to get started playing all the good titles in the Amiga world. You’ll also get a 21-Pin D-Sub RGB Video connector as well which gives you the best picture quality as well. From what I’ve gathered, the French CD32 model actually has the RGB connector instead of S-Video.



After unpacking and with a closer inspection, the console is in Excellent condition, almost a new feeling to it.


At a closer look on the box you can see that it’s actually the same used for the Amiga 600, with a CD32 sticker. Cutting corners, eh Commodore?



Overall the box is in Good condition except for the apparent . Other than that I’d say It’s not that easy finding a CD32 with it’s Original box in this good condition.



I really like the spartan look of the console itself. Sure it has it’s Flaws like having the controller ports at the left side instead of the front. The machine itself also has some major drawbacks such as no memory card or save options?! Nevermind that, I know that I’m gonna have a great time with my CD32!



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