Sega Master System PAL purchase


Found an ad for a Sega Master System complete with box and all peripherals except the original manuals for 50€ that I couldn’t resist getting because of the great shape everything looked to be.



The box is almost like new with just a small tear at the top.


The console itself is in great shape, the controllers feel like new and it seems to work just fine. Bought it from a friendly guy who had it in storage at his parents for over 30 years! Sadly I learned that he had thrown away a NES console because he didn’t think it were working when he had it plugged in via the antenna outlet and wasn’t getting a picture because he had some difficulties with the tuning.






It seem as the passed 30 years have had some effect on the styrofoam being meshed or rubbed off onto the controllers cord. Only hope it won’t be a pain to get off. I was going to build a RGB Scart cable for the system and see if I could find any good games to play on it for the coming weekend. Since let’s face it, the built-in game “Hang-On” really sucks. I had the console hooked up with my B&O MX8000 just to check the function. I had to use the original antenna adapter.


The picture weren’t as bad as I was expecting, tried to get a descent shot with my Nikon D300 = M 60 / f8.



I’ll add some comparison pictures when I’ve purchased a 8-Pin Din connector with the pins in the shape of a U is what I’ve read to the be correct one for the Sega Master System and Mega Drive 1. Or I’ll just buy one already made. But I’m interested in seeing if adding a LM1881 Sync stripper will do any good.

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