Not long ago, before I bought my pre-modded RGB N64, an early French version NUS-001(FRA).  I decided that I wanted to try out making my own S-VIDEO SCART cable for my un-modded all original PAL N64 and to compare the image quality difference between S-VIDEO and COMPOSITE VIDEO. The results were night and day, and I thought for myself, why have I spent all of those years playing N64 with the horrible image quality from Composite Video? Well, I didn’t really know much better, since from what I knew at those times, S-VIDEO Cables that worked with a PAL N64 weren’t that available, and that I had absolutely no knowledge of these early French models that they contained an already circuitry for RGB but not the components. I, as many others and you of course might wonder, why on earth would Nintendo not have a complete functional RGB circuit for the N64? Anyways, here are some photos of both my Bang & Olufsen MX8000 TV and my LG 47″ LCD 47LG6000 with my un-modded PAL N64 and my S-VIDEO cable connected. I’ve also included a schematic for my cable if you’d like to build your own. Instead of a Scart connector you can of course use an regular S-VIDEO connector. The reason for me using a Scart Connector is because the TV’s I’m using don’t have any S-VIDEO connections. My older MX7000 has a S-Video Connector, and I will be making a cable with a S-VIDEO connector for the sake of trying it out with my Framemeister for later comparisons with upscaling via S-VIDEO.


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