GameCube Game Boy Player Complete!

Finally! I’ve bought the final piece for my current GameCube setup, the Game Boy Player. I haven’t had much time playing on it only to have it connected and tried out some Game Boy Advance F-Zero which looked really good using the original GameCube Component cables. Though I haven’t made a comparison with my RGB Scart cables yet! (To be continued..)

Anyways, I really overpaid for this package, about 160€ is a hefty auction price when not only a couple of weeks after a package almost identical to this one went for about 90€… But, he whom i bought this package from turned out to be a really nice guy, he gave me a fully functional GameCube with a little beat up original controller which his dog had chewed on the joysticks. No worries there since I got some new replacement joysticks and it will be just good as not chewed by dogs.


GBP_Loganix1 GBP_Loganix6 GBP_Loganix2 GBP_Loganix7

GBP_Loganix11 GBP_Loganix8 GBP_Loganix10 GBP_Loganix11




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