GameCube Broadband Adapters

The hype of recently acquiring two GameCube Broadband adapters with major excitement for playing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! in LAN mode with my lovely girlfriend Jennifer and friends. Since we both really enjoy Mario Kart games, and the fact that I really like having a separate screen when playing multi-player games instead of a divided single TV screen! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed when I found out that when you play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! in LAN Mode, you can’t play against the AI! Second of it being, you CANNOT select your character/driver! Perhaps if I would’ve read up a bit more on the subject I might not have been so hasty in purchasing the broadband adapters since they are quite pricey. The first one I got for about 60€ and the second 90€. Anyways, still fun being able to have more players, even though we are at most 4 players at the moment. Another thing I’m gonna try out is XLink Kai and see if there are any other Double Dash!! Players online. Send me a mail at if you’re up for a race!


I bought one of the Broadband adapters here in Sweden on the Tradera acution site, new and unopened a USA package and the other is a EU model that I bought via Ebay from an Italian seller. I do not like the USA packaging since it’s more a tear open and throw away package whilst the European variant has a normal small box that can tucked away and forgotten about until you browse your collector’s brain and you remember, I do have the Original packaging and manuals. Because that’s what’s really makes it so special, not utilizing the peripheral. Sarcasm or not, I do prefer having everything complete!



The European packaging feels like a better choice, although this one isn’t in the best of shapes.





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