Xbox Internal Wireless Receiver


Still work in progress, but here’s my project for putting an wireless Logitech Precision controller receiver into the case of the Xbox Original instead of having the ugly dongle connected in the front and ruining the exterior Aesthetics. This can probably be done for any other wireless controller for the Xbox Original, i just opted to go with the Logitech since It’s my favorite wireless controller for the Xbox Original.

I’ve added my own schematic for my own future reference and for someone who might have usage for it and links to sources whereas I’ve gotten useful information. Since the receiver will the placed within the metal encasing of the Xbox and as it acts like a Faraday Cage (blocking out or reducing signals). I recommend trying soldering a external antenna to the receiver and placing it outside of the Xbox. As you can see I’m using a cheap Wi-Fi antenna which as for now I haven’t tried out yet. I had my receiver placed at the far back to the left in a vertical stance which works quite okay as for now with receiving signals.


The SPDT relay enables the ability to keep the controller port operational if you would like to connect a wired controller or some other peripheral, whilst doing it will disable the wireless receiver.

More will be added in time.


TheIsoZone – Forum thread containing information about installing a MS DVD Receiver.

PDF Mirror of the thread

Floydzabarber – Link to his Video “How to install a wireless dongle inside your Original Xbox properly



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