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These are some of my templates for Disc-Printing 8cm Mini-DVDs and Standard sized Discs with the Canon Pixma IP7250. Since Canon doesn’t include an Adapter-Ring for 8cm with the IP7250 Discs I had to make my own templates using some guides I found on the net. Source links provided at bottom of the page. 8cm Mini-DVDs are long out of fashion and usability but for us who want to have a nice print on our GameCube backup discs, even though 8cm Discs even with printable surface are becoming more and more scarce it would’ve been nice to have something like an Adapter-Ring that works right out of the box. Like with my old Epson printer in which I sadly never had the Adapter-Ring, and finding one is proving to be not that easy! I even phoned in to Canons support and got the response that it would be impossible to print on 8cm Discs with the IP7250 – Well, i couldn’t accept that so here we are, printing 8cm Mini-DVDs, not with ease but it works!

Wasted some discs when getting the template as correct as possible, using two different disc manufacturers with different measurements made it quite a hassle. With the Esperanza discs, whatever I did with changing offsets and sizes, some of the discs seem to end up with something like half a millimeter that will not be printable at the bottom or top. Have tried using a marker pen on the area and the paint won’t stick! I guess that’s perhaps something in the process of making the printable area on the disc.

These templates are still work in progress, I suggest that you use a couple of Discs for test printing with the edges bordered in black so you’ll see how it turns out with offsets and such. I’ll keep making templates and improving them as time passes and I’ll upload them here. Hope this will be to help for anyone enthusiastic about having prints on their backup game discs 🙂

Click the images to download the .psd files. Most of them will contain both templates for 8cm Mini-DVDs used with the GameCube, and for Full-Sized Discs if you have a Full-Sized GameCube Shell.



You’ll need to measure the printable disc area and adjust in Photoshop according to the measurements.


Print settings:

Quick Settings:

Media Type: Printable disc

Print Paper Size: Custom > Custom Paper Size: Units: mm > Width = 130mm x Height= 226mm

Print Quality: High

Paper Source: Disc Tray

Photoshop Print Settings:

Scale: 100%

Height: 224mm

Width: 129,9mm


You can also Un-Check Re-Sample in Image Size in Photoshop and see if that will help with a better outcome. As I wrote earlier, this is still work in progress and will probably need some tweaking.



Photoshop PSD Template for Canon J (MG 5420) CD/DVD Label Tray

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