Bang & Olufsen Stand Motor Repair

Bang & Olufsen Motorbase MB4102
Bang & Olufsen Motorbase MB4102

I recently added a Bang & Olufsen MX8000 to my little B&O family with the intention to use as my main Retrogaming TV. Instead of using the original elevated metal stand, I wanted to use it with the B&O Motorbase MB4102 and have the TV placed on a TV Bench with wheels so that i could easily move it aside when I’m all done playing games.

Bang & Olufsen Motorbase MB4102
Bang & Olufsen Motorbase MB4102

The motor mounted with the Motorbase stand was from my MX6000, it’s compatible with the MX7000 but not the MX8000. Different interfacing and DIN connectors, the MX6000/7000 uses a 4 PIN DIN Connector, whilst the MX8000 and MX4002 uses a 5 PIN DIN Connector.


Luckily, as tournedos over at pointed out, the motors from the MX series seem to be of the same size and are interchangeable. So I swapped the motors and gave it a go. Sadly, as I’ve had my suspicions that the MX8000 motor was faulty,  and so was the case.



I checked around and I didn’t find any info on how to repair the motors, so i took apart both the motor from the MX6000 and MX8000. They look fairly the same on the inside, both holds a DC 12V Motor/Driver of the same size, just different printed serial numbers as you can see in the picture below.


I just de-soldered the DC motors, took the one from the MX6000 and re-soldered to the MX8000 motor and it worked perfectly! It’s quite a hassle to take them apart, got me quite screwed over by the sheer amount of screws that’s holding these together! Still, they are as always a sturdy B&O construction.


It’s quite easy to do and require minimal soldering skills. All you need to do is unscrew everything, lift out the inside and turn it over. Unscrew the DC Motor that’s hold in place with two Torx screws, not sure of the size, but they’re pretty small. All the other screws are pretty much regular Philips. The MX6000 DC Motor was quite snug fitted, I pulled the cables gently for easier access. Then de-solder the motor, positive and negative – just mark them + / – so that you get it right and solder in the working DC Motor, screw it all back together – Done!


When reassembling the Motor altogether, the ring keeping the insides in place has a little bracket so that you know where to put it exactly. Here are some more pictures of the insides and i did a trace of the cables to the pins of the DIN Connector as well if anyone might have any use for it.



Here are some more pictures of the Circuit Board and inside the MX6000 motor.


B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_2_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_1_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_14_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_13_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_12_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_11_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_10_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_9_resize B&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_7_resizeB&O_MOTOR_INSIDE_8_resize


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