GameCube Component worth it?

So, I just collected my GameCube original component cable from the postal office with a lot of hopes since I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I started playing GameCube recently. Reading up on the subject and the hype of the image quality I decided to seize an opportunity whilst it presented itself. A cable went up for auction for 140€ (around 171$). I’ve seen these cables go upward 300$ depending on if It’s the Terminal-D cables or regular. With the Terminal-D cable you can buy an converter cable that gives you the three RCA plugs. There is also a VGA mod(Link) for this cable as well, in case the display won’t accept component signal, but just now when browsing eBay i saw a GameCube component modded with scart, now why would someone do that I thought for myself, especially if it were intended for usage in Europe (since scart or Euro-Scart is mostly common around here unless you’re using the Japanese version JP21) read on and you’ll understand why.. (Link to Component-Scart Mod tutorial). So, I won the auction for just a couple more euros and the shipping was included, nice! 😀


So, was it worth it? Both yes and no. I’m comparing the difference between my own RGB SCART CABLE in which I’ve added a sync-stripper LM1881 on the composite video signal and the difference it quite nominal in my own humble opinion.

The cable from RetroGamingCables “PACKAPUNCH PRO” gives the same picture as well as mine on a LCD HDTV, but the problem with their cable is that they aren’t that compatible with LCD HDTV’s because how they are constructed with adding an extra resistor for compensating the 75ohm signal and are more suited for regular CRT SDTV’s.

Just to be clear, the RGB SCART CABLE I’m referring to has a SYNC-STRIPPER added, for the cheap mass produced GameCube RGB SCART CABLES that you can buy virtually anywhere for 5$ or less, they are worthless, at least on a LCD HDTV, jailbars deluxe! Disturbing patterns overlaying on larger areas of color and other distortions. Even for CRT’s even though the picture can be acceptable (maybe) for a casual user. They can omit a humming sound due to that these cables aren’t properly constructed. Using the audio grounding for video ground and from i know most of them are just using diagrams that’s been floating around the internet that aren’t that accurate.

If you want what seems to be good diagrams as i have used myself for reference, check out “Jaska’s Gaming Blog“. I’m in the process of making my own diagram for the GameCube RGB SCART CABLE with the LM1881 sync-Stripper as I’ll post it here for anyone who wants to build their own cable when It’s done.

As you can see in this video from “MyLifeInGaming” on youTube, they’re comparing Composite, S-Video, Component and HDMI – but not RGB SCART with a SYNC-STRIPPER LM1881! So, I’m planning on doing my own comparisons and add a video to youtube asap.


To be honest, I’d be just as happy using my own RGB SCART CABLE running in 480i on my LCD HDTV instead of 480p with the component cables. As for now, I haven’t done enough comparisons to give my final ultimate conclusion. I’ll update in the coming days with comparison pictures and I’ll see if i can get a hold of a descent way to capture component.

To be continued…


Here are some pictures of the cable and box.



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