GameCube RGB SCART with LM1881 (Schematics included!)


So, I decided to build my own RGB SCART Cable for Nintendo GameCube since i didn’t have any patience on waiting for a replacement or whatever will happen with the one I bought from – and it worked out really good! Schematics at the bottom of the page.

As you can read in my previous post about the Retrogamingcables GameCube PACKAPUNCH PRO i was really happy about the great image quality and to be able to do some gaming without the cheap-ass generic rgb scart cable that gives jailbars and static that I got earlier. Well that didn’t happen, i got some weird jumpy picture and audio distortions that would sporadically appear whilst gaming. Still, just want to point out that the image quality from the RetroGamingCables PACKAPUNCH PRO was by the best I’ve ever witnessed on GameCube! Since i don’t own component cables or EON GCHD or any HDMI mod for that matter i cannot compare with those yet.

Anyways, i did some research, found some schematics on how to build the cable, the schematics did not suggest on how to implement the LM1881 Sync Stripper so i had to do some trial and error until i got it working. I am as you’ve probably guessed by now not an expert in these matters, far from it. But i got a keen interest and a will of iron to try and understand how things work and at best get them working as i want. I’ve modded Xboxes, GameCubes etc with LED’s and ModChips, but this is the first time I ever had to fix a RGB SCART with a Sync Stripper, Video Sync Separator if you will.

Here it is in all of it’s glory, all hail the great SCART-TATO! Mutated from spawn of unwanted parts and cheap-ass GameCube Scart cable. Seriously, it looks like it’s been run over several times and got it’s brain drooling out of it’s scart-skull 😛


When i ordered the parts I didn’t expect the capacitors would be so big 😛 I wanted some good ones and was eager to order, sure I could’ve used the ones from the cheap scart cable but, meh some electrical tape and shrink tubing will do for now. As you can see some parts are still exposed, i had them isolated and then i went crazy with oversized electrical tape 😉

After all is said and done, I’m sure that RetroGamingCables do offer amongst the best choices of RGB Scart cables with or without sync strippers for retro gaming consoles. But in my case, i feel that I’ve done everything to ensure that nothing is wrong at my side of the table. I’ve tried their PACKAPUNCH PRO Cable with 4 different GameCube’s and 3 different TV’s and they more or less acted the same way. I’ve just gotten word from RetroGamingCables that they have received my return of the cable and that they have tested it and find no fault. As they ask me,


RetroGamingCables: "Did you have this plugged directly into an RGB port on a SCART TV?"

Yes, yes i did. Did you try the cable for more than 5 minutes? 😉

Samsung P2470HD RGB SCART

Here’s the final product, put a bandage on the poor fellow’s head as well. Not as fancy as the one from RetroGamingCables, but it gets the job done!


Here are some comparison shots between my cable dubbed “the great Scart-Tato!” and “RetroGamingCables PACKAPUNC PRO”. It’s hard to get any accurate shots that will the the image quality justice. But to me they look equal and I’m happy that i succeeded in my scart adventure!

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Left: My cable. Right: RetroGamingCables.
Nikon D300, Mode A, f/32, 1/13s

Download in .tif format

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Left: My cable. Right: RetroGamingCables. Nikon D300, f/6.3, 1/40s
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Left: My cable. Right: RetroGamingCables.
Nikon D300, f/6.3, 1/40s

Download in .tif format

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Left: My cable. Right: RetroGamingCables. NIKON D300, f/32, 1/13s – Mine is a bit darker since i for some reason had White balance set in cloudy and AWB on the RetroGamingCables.

Download in .tif format


Well this is it for now. I’ll post some more info when i get more time and any updates from my dialogue with RetroGamingCables. Hopefully all will be sorted 🙂

**** UPDATE ****

More info on the cause of the probably cause of screen jumping by the PACKAPUNCH PRO and response from RetroGamingCables can be read at the bottom of this post!


My schematics for GameCube RGB Scart with LM1881 Sync Stripper

Use at your own risk, I’m not an expert, this works for me and my setup. You can just tie together all the grounds, having more than one ground decreases the audio hum significantly or removes it.

FRAMEMEISTER USERS! From what I gather, a 470 Ohm’s resistor is needed on the CSYNC line for attenuation to 75 Ohm’s, also an 220uF 10v/16v capacitor. You can read more about Sync strippers on

GameCube RGB SCART Sync Stripper LM1881
GameCube RGB SCART Sync Stripper LM1881



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