My first GameCube!


The year is 2018 and 16 years later since it’s release in Europe, i finally got one and i couldn’t be happier! Got a great price and some really sought after titles that would at least doubled or more the price which i gave. I’ve always been somewhat of a anti-cube person, why i don’t really know, maybe because i were a stern advocate of the original Xbox. My best friend at the time Matte P got a GameCube with Mario Kart Double Dash!! and i hated it!! Why? Well, we were always playing Mario Kart for the N64, so i thought it would be just as good or even a better experience. Well, it turns out no. I couldn’t adjust to it for some reason. But now i really wanted to add Mario Kart Double Dash!! to my collection with titles like Super Mario Sunshine that i have good memories from instead of loading it via Swiss from a SD Gecko or a burned disc. My girlfriend has expressed that she never really know what to get to me on occasions, so i did my best on hinting to her that i really wanted this. Under the suspicion that she were to surprise me with it on Valentines day i missed out some pretty good deals. But she thought that I’ve already bought it. She really wanted to buy it for me so, recently she was really great and bought Double Dash!! from Tradera, an online auction site for a hefty price of 450sek (56usd) the red case edition to me, yay! Not sure if the red case was included with the GameCube Mario Kart Double Dash!! Pak or because it’s an earlier edition, if you know, drop a comment 🙂  It hasn’t arrived yet but the seller that I’ve purchased from before is trustworthy and told me he rates the disc 7.5/10, since I’ve come to realize that buying discs online can often prove to be disappointment. Really disappointing, i bought another GameCube set a while after this one, also with great titles for a good price from Facebook Marketplace. Turns out that the seller was a total idiot. She didn’t include the vitals like power, av-cables nor the controller that was promised! The game discs were all scratched to hell and when trying to reach her she just ignores or have had me blocked. Oh well cry more, you win some and lose some. At least it came with a QooB surprise! ^_^


At least with this purchase everything works great and is mostly in very good condition 8/10. No chipped corners or loss of plastics on the machine, the discs are mostly scratch free, all games are CiB and so far so good. This is my beginning of the GameCube journey!

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