GameCube Qoob SX Surprise!

So, i bought yet another GameCube package from Facebook Marketplace for about 100€ and as you all know buying stuff online from ads can turn out to be disappointments. As this was, since the person who sold me the package assured me that it was in a good condition and all the games where complete with manuals and good discs. What a scammer, hardly any manuals and the discs were all scratched to hell and a piece of plastic from the GameCube corner is chipped off! No controller or essential power and AV cable was included as promised and she won’t even answer when I’m trying to reach her. Oh well, cry more, but still it’s annoying when the person you’re making a purchase from that seems truly sincere. Sending pictures from the package being packed all the way to the postal office. The games seems to run, had some DRE’s with Luigi’s Mansion, the game i really wanted but after playing for an hour or so it seems to work. I guess the lesson learned from this is even when trying to take precautions when buying online, a scammer will always be a scammer.


Here’s a sample of how not to care for your discs!


But at least something good came out from it. Alas when i turned on the GameCube i was presented with this:


The QooB Surprise! Sure i would’ve hoped it to be the PRO Model, but still I’m happy to own a piece of GameCube modding history!


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