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I’ve  tried a couple of different ways to control my HTPC and browsing Kodi and I’ve always liked the Xbox 360 Wireless controller when browsing Kodi, but it lacked that ability to type on a physical keyboard when you wanted to search for something fast without using the Kodi On-Screen-Keyboard. That problem is no more i thought for myself, with the 360 ChatPad that were used for online gaming with the Xbox 360 now it could be re-purposed for a couch-pirate like myself. Since I’m more of a Jack-of-all-trades tinkerer, i used our all good big brother Google to see if i could find someone who’ve already made a good driver / software that would make use of the ChatPad with the controller itself. Luckily, i found some alternatives, but the one I’ve been using is made by Kytech over at GitHub, based on code from a couple of dudes called Ryan and Brandon. Thanks to these guys we have the 360 Wireless ChatPad driver / software!

360 Wireless ChatPad Screenshot

The software has sadly been discontinued from what i understand and that the last commit on GitHub was on July the 21st, 2016. In the current state it works just fine with a bug now and then, at least on my system. On it’s own it’s a great way to control your PC as you can use it as a mouse and with the added ChatPad keyboard functions. Although Microsoft figured to add accented letters to the ChatPad for users around the globe, I live in Sweden and we use ÅÄÖ quite often, so i missed the Ä and Ö, since it already has an Å. Luckily i could download the source code and tinker some with it and add the missing Swedish letters. Why did i have the letters to the top left instead of where they usually are positioned on the top right? Didn’t want to lose symbols such as “[ ] = or : ;.” The “á” or German s “ß” are of little use. You can download it here: 360 Wireless ChatPad with ÅÄÖ


Combined with UCR it works even better, especially if you’d want to use it with KODI. I couldn’t get the DPAD working with KODI with only the 360 Wireless ChatPad driver, and in System>Input>Peripherals all i could find was the vJoy Device that can’t be configured. So, again i searched the net for a good solution thinking about writing a AutoHotkey script. But then as i always say, why re-invent the wheel all over again when i found UCR – Universal Controller Remapper created by evilC. Thanks for this great piece of software that works great in addition to 360 Wireless ChatPad driver!


The aim of UCR is to allow end-users to easily leverage the power of AHK without having to learn to code.
At it’s basest level, think of it as a way for an end-user to run a number of scripts written by various people, and manage when each script runs, what keys trigger it’s functions, tweak each script’s parameters, etc – solely by using a GUI application. The primary target audience is gamers, UCR is intended to be able to replicate the functionality that comes with programmable keyboards / mice / joysticks etc.

It works fantastic! There’s a lot of possibilities with UCR, for now I’m only using it in symbiosis with the 360 Wireless ChatPad driver / software so that i can switch from mouse to the DPAD whilst browsing Kodi. You can Download my settings and mess around with them yourself and see which fits you the best. Just double click UCR.exe and you’re up and running. For more information on how to use UCR, head over to the wiki at https://github.com/evilC/UCR

Installation Directions for 360 Wireless ChatPad

There’s a unique method of getting this driver to work which requires two other applications to be installed. Follow these installation instructions exactly before submitting any issues.

Installing the LibUSB Driver

  1. Plug-In and Install the Native Drivers for your XBOX 360 Wireless Receiver.
  2. Download LibUSB here. (v1.2.6) (Mirror)
  3. Extract the Archive to a Directory.
  4. Execute the following as an Admin: Directory/bin/Architecture/install-filter-win.exe
  5. Select “Install a Device Filter”.
  6. Select the item with Description “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows”.
  7. Select “Install” then after the confirmation box select Cancel.
  8. Execute the following path: Directory/bin/inf-wizard.exe
  9. Select “Next”.
  10. Select the item with Description “Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows”.
  11. Select “Next” then save the new .inf somewhere.
  12. Select “Install Now” to install the driver.
  13. Select OK at the confirmation, the LibUSB driver should now be installed.

Installing the vJoy Driver

  1. Download vJoy here. (v2.0.2) (Mirror)
  2. Install as an Admin with at least the vJoy Configuration Application.
  3. Run “Configure vJoy” from the newly created Start Menu folder.
  4. Match the following selection then hit OK:
  • Basic Axes Selected: X, Y, Z, R/Rz/Rudder
  • Additional Axes Selected: Rx, Ry
  • POV Hat Switch: Continuous
  • POVs: 1
  • Number of Buttons: 11
  1. The Configuration utility will disappear, the vJoy Driver should now be installed.
  2. Note: For multiple controller support you can specify additional configurations with this utility. Use the counter in the bottom right of the program to change between 1, 2, 3, and 4 controllers.

Running the Xbox 360 Wireless Chatpad Application

  1. Download the latest version of the application here. (Mirror)
  2. Extract all of the files in the archive to a single directory.
  3. Execute “Xbox 360 Wireless Chatpad.exe”
  4. Follow in instruction in the application to connect your controller.

Note: The first time you connect a controller, you should Calibrate it using the Windows Game Controllers utility in the Control Panel (Windows XP). The following describes different Axes during calibration (Xbox Stick: Windows Name)

  • Left Stick: Primary Axis
  • Left Trigger: Z Axis
  • Right Trigger: Z Rotation
  • Right Stick X: X Rotation
  • Right Stick Y: Y Rotation

Final Fantasy XIV Users

In order to use the Final Fantasy XIV compatibility mode, the vJoystick should be configured with the following settings instead of above:

  • Basic Axes Selected: X, Y, Z, R/Rz/Rudder
  • POV Hat Switch: Continuous
  • POVs: 1
  • Number of Buttons: 13 It is fine if you’ve already configured above, just re-run the utility and use these settings. Afterwards, launch the program like normal but before selection the Connect Controller button, check the Final Fantasy XIV box. After connecting, calibrate like normal in Windows, then you “should” be good to go in Final Fantasy XIV. In-game, you’ll definitely want to check the controller calibration options to validate the settings are working properly.

Special Commands

Mouse Mode will allow you to move the mouse cursor, perform both left and right clicks, and scroll a window vertically. To enable Mouse Mode simply hold down the following button combination for 3 seconds:

  • Left Bumper + Right Bumper + Back Once in Mouse Mode use the left stick to move the mouse cursor. Holding down the Left Trigger will scale how fast the cursor moves. Use the A Button for Left Click and B Button for Right Click. Use the Right Joystick Y Axis to scroll a window vertically, similar to a mouse wheel.
  • Orange + Green works as Alt+Tab

To shut down a controller while leaving the application running hold down the following button combination for 5 seconds:

  • Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Back To reconnect the controller, simply press the Guide button like normal.



Sometimes the application can bug out making E opening Explorer or having the mouse selecting several objects. Might just be my system, but a simple trip to the Taskmanager, kill explorer.exe and click File, run New Task, enter explorer.exe

x360ce – You’ll need to launch x360ce before 360 Wireless ChatPad Application, then you can configure to what works best for you. Otherwise x360ce will just eventually crash. Getting it to work seems to be a bit of a hassle. Perhaps just use UCR and map to the keyboard keys used in the game.

Games that I’ve tried with the 360 Wireless ChatPad Application that don’t work. At least not on my system. Would’ve been nice with a setting that would render the possibility to revert to the native Xbox 360 Controller driver. From what i understand, that was something that was in the planning but never saw daylight unfortunately. Perhaps there will be someone else experienced coder that will carry on the torch. Or perhaps you could use UCR to create a profile just for gaming and add a profile switcher button for ease of access.





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