CD32 Unboxing

CD32 Unboxing

Custom GameCube Disc Prints

Custom GameCube Disc Prints

GameCube Component worth it?

GameCube Component worth it?


Xbox Crystal ModChip Mystery

A while ago i browsed an online auction site and came over an auction which stated, two “defective” Xbox Consoles, one black and one crystal edition. What caught my eye was a little sticker in the left corner of the crystal edition as you can see on the picture, it say’s “SmartXX Mod Inside”. I was afraid that other bidders would have caught this as well, oh well, commence the bidding war! The final price ended at 65 euros which I was quite satisfied with even though i literally, “bought the pig in the bag”.


Anyways, seing the sticker made me really excited since I’ve been trying to get a hold of a more advanced mod chip like the SmartXX or an Xecuter for various reasons, such as adding a LCD screen like HD44780. Although from what I’ve read you can use an Aladdin XT Plus 2 as well for this purpose. And I have a couple of Xboxes with Aladdin chips and a couple of new ones lying around. Gonna do some more research on the topic and try one out later on with the aladdin. But for now, let’s dig inside the machine itself and reveal what treasures lies within. As can be seen, the Xbox has been opened before, that’s a good sign.


After opening it up i can see that there’s a larger HDD fitted in side, another good sign.


And finally, Eureka! What is it I gaze upon with my two eyes if not but a SmartXX modchip 🙂



Time to plug it in and boot it up and see what it reveals software-wise.



I guess I could’ve done this right from the start but hey, where’s the fun in that. I haven’t had that much time to do anything more with this machine and I’ve recently obtained a couple of LCD screens for testing. So when I have gotten further with this project I’ll post some updates.

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