Cotta Hard Jacket II Panasonic LUMIX DMC CM1

My Cotta Hard Jacket II has arrived for my Panasonic Lumix DMC CM1 Camera Phone, I wish i knew about the poor case selections for the CM1 before so that I could’ve ordered them at the same time and sync arrivals. Same thing about the display protection, I bought a “Brotect Airglass” from Ebay that works just fine. Still, I’d rather have bought the tempered glass from Cotta and the lens cover, but unfortunately they were both out of stock. Still, the Cotta Hard Jacket II is well enough the keep the phone and camera quite safe, as with the camera being prone to extend at certain situations as when grabbing it from your pocket and sliding the camera slider. Although I am going to purchase the Cotta Lens Cover from Amazon or Ebay in a near future and fit it with a 28mm Tiffen UV protector filter.

First impressions, very well packaged from the good people of Cotta, neat box containing the case itself. Opening the box itself you will find the Hard Jacket II and a little pamphlet with information. The case is made out of synthetic leather and a good texture that gives you a good grip but still keeps a stylish look well adjusted for the phone itself. The design is great and gives you a secure cover for the device and camera, you can even have the camera extended whilst the the cover is locked in place with the magnet. Also, the lens cover from Cotta is supposed to fit with the cover from the case on. All the essential buttons and camera slider are accessible, the display borders gives you a full view. The only two CONS i can think about or have experienced are that the lens cover is a bit flappy at sometimes when you wanna take a photo, you’ll have to use your other hand to keep it from the lens view. The second con is that it can be quite irritating accessing the letters or symbols close to the case borders since it extrudes a bit. But it’s something you will learn to overcome when tapping at the side of the border. It’s quite pricey for a cover, but so is the device itself. To keep in mind as well, the DMC CM1 is quite a rare sight when it comes to a company releasing a device with it’s specifications more targeted to a limited audience. With a limited market of users, so will the market for accessories be, in this case, buying a case 😉 But with that being said, I’m glad that Panasonic took such a leap and gave us a great camera with phone capabilities, and for Cotta helping us keep it safe. This case is truly a well made craftsmanship and worth it’s money! Even though the damn Swedish Toll office had to screw me over…

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